One of the best schools in Oregon. Everyone is part nerd in some field or other. The teachers are amazing, the classes are extremely rarely over 30 students and very informative. Most of Dunthorpe went to either the Grade School or High school. The school team is the Mavericks. The varsity soccer team won the OSAA 3A 2A 1A soccer championship in 2012, and the snowboard team also won the OSAA championship.
Guy 1: Hey, see that guy reading the book on physics while playing soccer?
Guy 2: yeah, he must go to Riverdale.
by Zor'thak April 01, 2013
A place DMX thinks is part of Yonkers.
Riverdale is in Yonkaz!!!!
by DMX June 08, 2004
A small preppy community by the Henry Hudson Bridge, spanning from the Hudson river's edge to and ending with the hill by Riverdale Avenue. Once down the hill you enter KINGSBRIDGE!!!!! The crappy drug infested area surrounding Manhattan College is called Kingsbridge and is commonly mistaken for Riverdale. Riverdale is nice; we don't have welfare families living up here and, we have good educations.
"Riverdale is NOT the Bronx, it's a whole separate entity."
by MHCS August 29, 2006
Where they're scared of people from southwest Yonkers.
"I'm reppin BX! Where u reppin?" "School Street, Yonkers." "Don't hurt me please!"
by d-block October 27, 2004
Neighborhood On the North Side of Ewen Park. Many drugs there. It's really just a giant housing development where poor retired people live. On the west side of riverdale it is very rich.
Yo I'm going to Riverdale to get that crack.
by Deve February 25, 2005
Where th e biggest pothead lowlife kids live... also where the biggest fag anthony mateo lives fkk riverdale!!!
riverdale is a bunch of pussys
by fkk rd April 29, 2005
one of the three hill schools, the other two being fieldston and horace mann. riverdale is by far the best of all three schools. whereas at fieldston they get high, at riverdale the kids get drunk. academics are comprable to horace mann, and better than fieldston. riverdale kicks major ass.
i go to riverdale. i rock this world.
by bitchhh April 10, 2005
One of the most pussy neighborhoods in the entire city. A disgrace to the Bronx and the whole of New York.
Riverdale is like stench coming from a cow'pussy.
by werd... April 30, 2005
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