A section of the Bronx that can be considered in between Kingsbridge and Yonkers. Decent neighborhood, if you are a fan of the Irish and the Jewish. Most of the guys are the Yankee loving-beer chugging-not afraid of nothing type. Unfortunately for them, most of the girls are extremely easy and extremely unattractive.
Ex: That girl must be trash if she lives even remotely close to Riverdale.
by likeswish05 April 24, 2009
Top Definition
where the kids are high and the grades are low and all the parents hangoutin Viggs
I am going to Riverdale to get wasted
by anonoymus April 15, 2004
A neighborhood in the Bronx with nice, upper-middle class people who just DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN MANHATTAN. Really stinks for reputation because it's in the BRONX and everyone thinks of the BRONX as a horrible neighborhood. I bet Riverdale is as nice as most of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Riverdale is actually perfect because you very close to the city (10 minutes by car, 20 - 40 minutes by subway) but your not overcrowded into apartments like Manhattan and you have some nature and air to BREATHE. GOSH.
Wife - "umm so we want a house thats nice but I still wanna go to my favorite restaurant in Manhatten."
Best known as the Home of Ciara, Waka Flocka, and TI. A lower class suburb of Atlanta, Located in Clayton County Ga, home to the Largest amount of African Americans in one compact space, and part of Hartsfield Jackson Airport. Riverdale- little achievement moderately high hopes.
Waka Flocka-Oh lets do it

But that happen often off in riverdale georgia
You gone pay the life you live off in riverdale georgia
by PrettyNerdy&Cool March 22, 2011
One of the best schools in Oregon. Everyone is part nerd in some field or other. The teachers are amazing, the classes are extremely rarely over 30 students and very informative. Most of Dunthorpe went to either the Grade School or High school. The school team is the Mavericks. The varsity soccer team won the OSAA 3A 2A 1A soccer championship in 2012, and the snowboard team also won the OSAA championship.
Guy 1: Hey, see that guy reading the book on physics while playing soccer?
Guy 2: yeah, he must go to Riverdale.
by Zor'thak April 01, 2013
The hometown of Archie and his gang.
Archie: Gee Betty! I sure love our hometown, Riverdale!
Betty: Yes! And we have to school tomorrow, Riverdale High!
Veronica: Get away from Archie or I'm going to kick you out of Riverdale!
by Rabbo April 29, 2007
One of the three of the independent hill schools in the riverdale area, the other two being horace mann and fieldston. Riverdale is considered the school where you go if you don't get into Fieldston or Horace Mann. Their sports are mediocre as well as their academics, but more importantly, they are all assholes, especially that bitch who previously defined the three hill schools. She clearly has no idea what she is talking about, most likely because she is a riverdale student. peace bitchh
I go to Riverdale, i'm a stuck-up pussy bitch with no life and no future.
by fieldstoner January 19, 2008
A neighborhood in the Bronx. Yes, THE BRONX. Anybody who says Riverdale is more like Westchester than the Bronx doesn't know their head from their ass. I would know because I grew up in Westchester and just transferred into Manhattan College, in Riverdale. It's in fact very much the Bronx in my opinion. Riverdale is nothing like where I grew up, which isn't even that far into Westchester County (Eastchester to be exact.)

Though Riverdale may not be a hardcore ghetto, it's not the only kinda nice neighborhood in the borough; last time I checked I wasn't looking over my shoulder in Woodlawn or Throgs Neck.
If a street with a 30-story apartment building and 5 small houses with no yards isn't the Bronx, then what is it?
by YO Man September 20, 2004
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