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A high school located in Fort Myers Florida. It is a "c" average school, which means the students here are uneducated and the only reason they are passing (barely) is because the teachers are just as stupid. The students consist of ignorant rednecks, hill billies, stuck up IB kids, and the ocasional ghetto crowd. The principal rarely leaves his office and gives far too much credit to the football team. The band is shrinking daily, and the over populated ROTC program is giving most of the stupid rednecks a Nazi-like appearance. There have been numerous deaths and murders, mostly because the school is located by undeveloped redneck infested farmland, because of that the students have way too much acess to guns and various drugs. The parking lot is filled with shitty trucks that most of the hicks there use as a status symbol, nearly all IB kids cant drive for their lives because they are losing common sense by the minute and think they know everything already. The only good departments are foreign language, and the arts. Otherwise not the best of schools.
"Any open minded civilized person with common sense could achieve a lot through Riverdale High School, too bad nobody such as that goes there....."
#school #high school #redneck #hick #ib #fort myers
by T.J.A.E.3 May 08, 2010
a establishment that is ment for knowledge but is often used for the purposes of selling large amounts of weed and expanding community gangs. Often referred to as the school where girls are raped on the buses or in the bathroom. However don't be mistaken the principals keep this school in line with a long string of academic programs such as videogaming club.
Student: Mom! I learned how much a dime is worth today!

Parent: Thats great honey. I'm so glad your education is in such great hands! Thats Riverdale High School!
#riverdale #rhs #bathroom rape #whore house #academic
by brapantiesonthafloooo January 15, 2011
Better known as Reeferdale. Full of wanna be Rednecks when honestly all there are are some fake wiggers who wish they were what they are not. Riverdale is full of unnecessary fights, immature boys, and hoes. I'm sorry but if you go to that school your gunna catch something.. I'm sorry for those who is just now reading this.. I'd get checked. They hate East Lee County High School and say only Blacks, Hispanics, and Wiggers go there but that isn't true. I am a redneck and I go there. Because unlike those losers at Riverdale I can get diverse and not hate because the school is cooler then there's. But what can I say, if you like cops watching you, people doing drugs around the corner, and what ever else goes on in there... May god bless your soul cause you have no idea what kind of creep is coming around the corner.
"You see that wigger over there?"
"Yeah he goes to Riverdale High School"
#fake #lame as wiggers #wanna be's #nothing #immature #losers
by RedneckWoman#1 November 06, 2011
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