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Those born and/or raised in East Saint Louis. Often children of prostitutes and/or strippers. They go into St. Louis looking for people to lure back to their home with promises of sexual gratification, only to rob them.
He planned to go to the East Side to bang some river rats he picked up in a bar, and the next day he couldn't find his car.
by NoCo White Chocolate January 22, 2011
A bunch of stupid kids that hang out at Junction 121, get drunk and start fights.
I hate all those river rats taht hang out at junction 121
by sarah515valleyjunctioncrew March 23, 2004
One who stays on and/or near NO PARTICULAR river more than one lives in ones own house and spends long, strenuous hours enduring the rapids, with one's choice of various water sports, such as, but not limited to; kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and the ever popular tubing.
It is very possible that one has not showered in an extended period of time.
It is also highly possible to find among this wondrous group of people a body that smokes that beautiful, amazing, god-sent herb, marijuana<3.
Person A: I haven't seen that person in at least a month.
Person B: Probably because that river rat never leaves the river.
Person A: Man that person stinks.
Person B: You'll find that many river rats do due to an extended period of time on the river without a shower.
Person A: Dude, what is that smell? It smells like... skunk!

Person B: Well see that river rat over there? First, it is not skunk you are smelling. Second, that is not oregano it's..... real good "TOBACCO" in that "TOBACCO pipe".

by BQGAniala June 27, 2009
A person who plays poker knowing that its all aobut chance and by getting the cards they need to own the noobs who take it seriosuly
"I got the Ace on the river!"

"You river rat!"

"Just owned you noob!"
by 375ml October 08, 2008
person who frequents the Colorado River.In particular the Lake Havasu/Parker Strip region. Commonly pays more attention to their boat than their wife,family,house etc. Almost always seen with a Coors Light in hand
Look at that guy. A piece of crap truck and a fugly house but a $75000.00 boat.

Yah,he must be a River Rat.
by bubbadave July 30, 2005
Defined by Cheravians as, a derogatory term for anyone who hails from across the Great Pee Dee River. ex. Wallace, or Bennettsville, S.C.
Look look!! It's a pack of River Rats
by TorcherSapyro May 14, 2005
anyone who lives in, around, or in a ten mile radius of the roanoke river, the roanoke river canal trail, or roanoke rapids. usually wear wife beaters, jean shorts, and air forces. smell bad. have a moustache and a shaved head.
Ben: look at that river rat. hes so filthy.
john: hell yea. him and his rat girlfriend make me sick to my stomach.
ben: yeah. why can't they grow beards? they have moustaches at age 12.
john: it's somethin in the water.
by fuckassbitch12 April 04, 2009