Rich ass mofo's who do shit load of drugs and fight at the tot-lot.
Oh man i smoked up some river hill kids then we fought at the tot-lot.
by Cock-face June 14, 2007
Top Definition
Stereotypically thought of as a bunch of snobby rich kids by rivaling schools, though, many rhhs students do not conform to this opinion nor is everyone that attends this school rich. It is hypocritical for other people to criticize when most of them wish they were going to the school.
If people spent less time criticizing the success of rhhs and actually bothered to improve their own schools, they would have alot less to say...
River Hill : Don't put down the success of others when you don't bother to improve yourself...
by a schoolgirl's voice of reason January 26, 2009
The richest/biggest party high school of howard county. They are known for they're football, slutty girls, and alcohol intake. A river hill student is often seen riding around in a Mercades Benz, Hanging out at the Village Center, getting high on " Pot Head Path", fighting at the " Tot Lot" or drunk at a party. After football games they often hang out at the " River Hill Grill"... yes, they have they're own resturant. Basically, they are snobby rich kids who party alot. GO HAWKS!
John: " I was at a River Hill football game last night & that shit was crazy. They won of course and then we all went to eat at the Grill."
Tyler: Yea, I didn't go to the game but I went to the party after, shitt was off the hook. Soooo many drunk bitchesss."
by SexyLexi0987654 December 31, 2010
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