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Affluent neighborhood west of Chicago in the Chicagoland area. Large estately homes and manors paint the streets. People are affluent but relatively friendly. Posh is the rule here. Often over-looked as being a jewel of the Chicagoland area. Doctors,Lawyers,professionals and Entertainers and Atheletes use this town as a secret hideaway. Once home to some of history's greatest mobsters. The town has some of the most goregous and beautiful mansions and homes. Designer clothing is common here. BMWs are considered to be a "Low-Key" car and a everyday driver. Lamborghinis and Ferraris are common and Bentleys are seen daily. Mercedes Benz C-class is considered a car for a teenager only!!! The brat factor is live and well here but coverted "Brat-ism" is a resident here as it is not "Posh" to be a outwardly obvious "spoiled brat" Not uncommon for boys to wear Louis vuitton Bookbags and carry 1,500 dollar duffle bags around. Many girls have over 15 pairs of Red bottoms. Its a secret mecca away from the so "watched" neighborhoods. Its a town of obvious wealth that doesn't need to be consistantly promoted. Snobbery isnt king here so you wont find racism against race but rather against economic classes. Social status matters here along with economic status.
Biff:Look at that young black kid driving the new Bentley GTC Supersports.

Andy: Dude, of course that's pretty common he lives in River Forest,Illinois
by brendionton September 20, 2011
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