River Falls is a suburban town filled with college students, hicks, and alarmingly old people. Everyone in this town thinks they are hood-ass-gangstas because of their close proximity to Minneapolis,MN. Grandma has spinners on her wheel-chair and junior has gold braces.
That wannabe, fake-ass, cracker must be from River Falls.
by ktcrich March 02, 2009
Top Definition
One of the greatest neighborhoods the world has ever seen. They have amazingly cool swim and tennis teams. They recently built a new pool, along with a sweet slide. If you are a member of this elite club, you are considered one of the top 1% of the coolest people in the world, a fact supported by The 2000 Census, The USA Today, and MTV.
River Falls is the greatest place on earth.
by RFisBALLIN April 02, 2008
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