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One who people "know" but he doesn't know them.

The cool dude, always good at sports, not so nice to nerds.
I'm such a Rivard... HELLO... Don't you know me? I am a Rivard... Obviously I don't know you... Why would I need to know you?
by Miss Uncompetitive March 06, 2007
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the last name of all that is great. all natural leaders and athletics come with this last name.
that nathan rivard sure is one great basketball player.
by McChicken October 28, 2006
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Synonomous with dub (ie. big waste), Rivard's are typically competitive by nature and were the cool guys in highschool that beat up all the quiet nerds.

Rivard's also kept the AC Slater look going strong into the mid to late 90s... And then traded in that look for a Fonz get up.

That Rivard over there looks tough, we better run Johnny or he will take our lunchables.
by Miss Uncompetitive March 06, 2007
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