When the death of a celebrity overshadows the death of a different celebrity on the same day. When Johnny Cash passed away the news paid more attention to the passing of John Ritter.
Farrah Fawcett was so rittered by the death of Michael Jackson...
by D. Wunder July 03, 2009
Top Definition
To get completely fucked in honour of the late John Ritter.
"whoa man, Costa is rittered, he drank wayyy too much.
by AMDC December 04, 2003
The act of taking more than one man in your mouth at a time. At a really inapproiate time.
Cory rittered two men in the bathroom at the same time during choir practice.
by joshpetro November 12, 2010
Death from sudden heart failure a la John Ritter
"We had no time to get Armando to the hospital after he suddenly Rittered"
by hughmonger October 29, 2003
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