A marginally effective drug that has a bad rep because commonly used by parents who should have worn a condom because their parenting skills are marginal at best, and as a result they drug their kids to keep them in control instead of just keeping them in line.
Dipshit Parent: I put my kid on Ritalin because I'm such a fuckwit that I would be up shit creek if I had to rely on my parenting skills.
by D-Shiznit July 01, 2005
Ritalin makes kids act like lab rats - more compliant, more willing, and able to obey adult commands. Ritalin inhibits exploration, spontanaeity, and overall interest in the environment. It also induces repetitive, meaningless behaviours such as rhythmic head movements, pacing and chewing, picking or rubbing the body.

Over time ritalin will cause drug-induced brain malfunction.

Ritalin is most commonly used for making children obsessed with meaningless robotic activities.
Rodney: There ain't no way in hell you're putting my son on Ritalin -- but I'll take some. How much for five dollars? Let me get a small bag.
by Batdang April 03, 2011
a prescription drug that is used for ADHD. it is also used to treat daytime drowsiness,and chrnic fatigue, etc. many people often abuse it and use it as a drug to get high which can lead to many bad side effects difficulty sleeping, hallucinations, stomach ache, changes in blood pressure, diarrhea, lack of hunger (anorexia, eg.)
- Yo my cousin was usin' ritalin and she is skinny as heck! She doesnt eat anything and throws up a lot.
- man i used to take ritalin to get high and it wuz the best feeling in the world...until i crashed and got messed up.
by XxandriaxX April 06, 2008
A controlled substance prescribed to kids dealing with ADD/ADHD and some people in Adulthood. Some may call it "synthetic speed".
I was up on a 72 hour ritalin binge, I ran out and kept seeing pieces of ritalin on the ground even though it was drywall.
by FDC88 February 24, 2015
Methylphenidate based brand named stimulant medication primarily for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)/ADD. Often given to children on the advice of elementary school teachers due to restless and disruptive behavior they exhibit in the classroom. It is thought to help them sit still and pay attention. The drug is akin to Cocaine, but lasts a bit longer. Therefore, it is often abused by people who want to lose weight or succeed in school. Often causes Insomnia and Anxiety. Most doctors prescribe Ritalin to those who have ADHD so that they can just shut their patients up. Often helps at least 70% of people who have the disorder.
Teacher: Why are you being so disruptive, did you forget to take your Ritalin this morning?
Student: Yeah, I forgot. Sorry.

Teacher: Thought so. I may have a few in my desk somewhere. Try to remember next time.

College Student: I can't go to this class at 8:30 in the morning! Mad early.
Friend: Dude, just take a Ritalin and wash it down with coffee. You'll be good.

The next day

College Student: Dude, that Ritalin is amazing! I was able to exercise, do my laundry, and get to class on time.

Friend: Yeah, let's get wasted now!
by PTrockstar92 February 16, 2014
perscribed to people with "a.d.h.d." and is probably the most fun drug you can get with a perscription seeing as its watered down speed. If your going to use it recriationally over time the high will last allot shorter and youll want more almost instantly,pretty much non addictive.
little tommy: gosh my new pills are great fun to snort!
(3 months later)
tommys mom: huh thats funny we just got a new bottle of ritalin if tommys seen it...
by zak7 October 22, 2006
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