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A 85 year old fat ass who is FRIENDS (wink wink) with Helene Fischer
Hey are you okay?

Not really, a Rita just screamed at me because I didn't let her sit down.
by Penelopefreebush October 16, 2013
19 38
Ritalin. (Stimulant pill usually prescribed for the treatment of ADHD)
Greg- "Yo, anybody know where I can get some snow?
Frank- "Nah, but I got Rita's number."
Greg- "Ight, it'll do."
by RIPKJ September 20, 2011
45 73
basically another word for anaconda. usually found in south africa.

any girl with the name of 'Rita' will make your life a living hell.
Hey, Paul. Let's go hunt some Ritas tonight in the South African desert shall we?
by Paul The Situation August 09, 2010
119 178
looks great in male clothing
dress shirt and tie cant hide your curves *wink
by dork May 03, 2004
195 287
Another a*hole hurricane that kicks butts of cowboys.
"You know what, President Bush's ranch is gonna be sunken by Rita."
"Wow, that will be some sh*t."
by holeycrab September 21, 2005
238 343
Another hurricane thats gonna fuck up the gulf coast this weekend.
Rita is the cat 5 mofo of a storm in the gulf of mexico, thats gonna cause death and destruction.
by jeffy jeff September 22, 2005
65 221
A doll who does somersaults and gets sacrificed by a gerald boucher.
"Whoa, did you just see that gerald boucher burn his doll Rita's forehead with a fuckin ciggarette?!"
by finance February 22, 2007
23 189