1. a baby with a huge afro;
2. a baby that wears the sexiest bow-tie ever known in the history of mankind and all other beings, entities, energies, creatures, plants, insects, etc.
Only Rishi can be a rishi.
by tmbzle January 28, 2012
Top Definition
A great person that is there for you no matter what. Always by your side. Someone that is always ther to help and a loving, caring, cute, and honest person.
we all wish we had a rishi
by KhuShi February 08, 2005
An awesome guy who you know always has your back. Everyone likes him. Anyone with this nickname is extremely well rounded and knows where he is going in life. Luckily for the ENTIRE WORLD!!! his is also extremely good looking. It is impossible to stop staring at him. He is easy to be around and u never want to say goodbye. While he has a great personality and Bangin goodlooks, he is also extremely intelligent and motivated. All in all, Rishis are uncommon but if u get the chance to befriend one, you should never let that go.
Rishi, please stay friends with me!
by verguerr217 July 14, 2010
An expression of happiness and utter joy. One of the most talented and handsome thing in existence. Someone who can make you smile even through the worst times of your life. An angel for many.
We had such a rishi time at the party.
I passed my course with an A+, I am so rishi today.
by sexychicka February 16, 2010
Rishi is a common Indian name. The person who holds this name is usually hindu but does not practice. This name is associated with the "trickster" style of life.
I saw Vishnu, and Indian god, and thought of the hindu rishi
by zamir abdula April 21, 2005
A handsome, bad boy that your mom warned you about. He has a chiselled jawline, a prominent swagger, and an air of confidence. He is a smooth talker, and can talk his way in and out of any situation. He can be energetic, is always classy, and is good with women, his brooding good looks replaced by a charming smile, a symbol that you have his approval. He is the better man always, so don't even try, because he doesn't bother with arguments. You love him, we love him, everyone loves him. His style of clothing is edgy but classic, wearing leather jackets and jeans. Even without too many words, he exerts an unspoken authority with his mere presence. He is a also as smooth a singer as he is a talker, with a voice like hot butter melting in your mouth, and a face and attitude to match. If he is your friend, you are very lucky.
e.g. That hot boy in the corner is such a Rishi!
by swagger1999 December 10, 2013
A huge asshole who makes fun of everyone and everything.
guy1: Hey, your stupid
guy2: Wow don't be a rishi!
by ntrnhywtynhwethy June 08, 2009
A Indian name meaning: A motherfucking piece of shit that only thinks about himself and sucks dick.
He is a gay faggot that is sad because he has a small dick. He is a dipshit to every one around him.
stop being a rishi you faggot.
by I AM RIGHT. May 21, 2016
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