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Rishab's are funny and fun to be around. They like joking around with people. Rishab's love their family. Relationships are hard. They like to keep trying even if it is hard. Rishab's stand up for what they think is right. Rishab's are really good friends. They are there for friends even if they are having a hard time, even if they might not give the best advice. They will know when they have found a girl that is right. Rishab's won't give up on her. They like committed relationships. Rishab's are fun to be around, and also good athletes.
They love to be around friends. Rishab's love helping others when possible. They don't like to back down from what they've started. They may get in a lot of fights through school. They are honest and can't stand liars. They only really love one girl, even if they may have a tiny crush on another girl.
by Person122345 March 28, 2013
Meaning 'Bull' in Sanskrit, these are the weirdest beings in all of space and time. They defy definition and any meaning to define them results in the reboot of space and time. Meaning "Badass" in Sanskrit, these are the weirdest beings in all of space and time. They defy....
Guy1 : Did you here about that guy who got run over by a Rishab?
Guy 2: Yeah, doesn't that mean Bull?.. err.. What's that bell?
Broadcast Message: The system is going down for maintenance NOW!
by antariksha November 04, 2012
An extremely innocent person, hates gays and is balanced between work and play.
He is such a Rishab, man!

I should run!!, coz i'm Gay
by jackass2015 March 20, 2013
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