There are many proper definitions for the word riser.

As a noun.
1. A person who rises, esp. from bed: to be an early riser.

2. The vertical face of a stair step.

3. Any of a group of long boards or narrow platforms that can be combined in stepwise fashion: The choir stood on a horseshoe of risers behind the orchestra.

4. A vertical pipe, duct, or conduit.

5. Metallurgy. a chamber or enlarged opening at the top of a mold for allowing air to escape or adding extra metal.

As a adjective.
1. Advancing, ascending, or mounting.

2. Growing or advancing to adult years.

As an adverb.
1. Somewhat more than.

2. In approach of; almost; well-nigh.
Example for #3 as a noun: The choir stood on a horseshoe of risers behind the orchestra.

Example for #1 as a adjective: Rising smoke.

Examples for #1 & #2 as a adverb are below.

#1: The crop came to rising 6000 bushels.

#2: A lad rising sixteen.
by Maux Darkbrand June 13, 2009
Top Definition
The riser an unwanted boner that becomes erect at a slow, even pace. Some experts maintain that the riser can be combated by thinking of fishing, baseball, your naked grandmother, etc. There has never been a documented cure for the onset of a riser.
I was waiting to check out at the grocery store, and I got a riser out of nowhere.
by The Sandwich Maker September 09, 2010
the spontaniuous rising of the penis, due usually to sexual arousment
When she leaned in to kiss him, she felt his riser against her leg.
by paigeness March 25, 2005
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