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Nickname of a person known on deviantart.com and fanfiction.net as Dragon-of-Quelthalas. Her World of Warcraft character, Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion character, Dragonfable character, Invader Zim fan character, and pet cat bear this name.
Risela level 85 draeneii hunter ~ World of Warcraft
Risela Bloodsinger level 76 khajiit battlemage ~ Oblivion
Risela Nightsong level 35 soul weaver ~ Dragonfable
Risela or Ris ex-invader of irken empire, mage, shapeshifter ~ Invader Zim fancharacter
Risela black cat with yellow eyes and white paws ~ cat
by Dragon-of-Quelthalas March 27, 2011