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the act of recieving a rodeo like ride from a female immediatly following getting wokin up.
Bartoe recieved a rise n shine from a 300 pound fat girl with one leg, and he loved every second of it. Over and Over he got rise n shines. `1
by luke February 16, 2005

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Getting a blow job in the morning before getting out of bed. Also results in the afterglow associated with post climactic ecstasy! Play on words; Rise (Erection) and Shine (spit shine on the old purple helmeted love soldier).
I woke up with morning wood and my old lady gave me a "Rise N' Shine". I feel great!
by darthV September 26, 2008
the act of masterbating immedatitly following getting woke up.
After a long drunkin night dan was intised to do a rise n shine.
by luke February 16, 2005