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short hand for "right right"
"riri, I know what you mean"
by whatdiga January 23, 2012
Slang for Retard
Lindy looks like a riri
by K-Dolls September 13, 2009
An abbreviation for ridiculous, something that is hard to believe
I just saw our teacher try to dance to hip-hop...it was ri-ri!
by sousagal47 January 27, 2009
Verb - To show extreme displeasement or displeasurement.
Used in place of many other curse words.
Riri you, you son of a Riri.
by Takakakaka June 12, 2010
1989 Honda Si hatch, owned by Horacio(WhoreAss); the creator of swag mobs and the best swag mob car to ever have touched the streets. and SHE WILL RETURN, AND THATS A PROMISEEE PARTNERRRR!!!!
RiRi was my first car and the best Swag Mob car i ever mobbed in.
by Eazy64 November 30, 2010