Insane, to go insane; crazy.
"I went all ripshit on him when he insulted me!"
by Geena-ish January 30, 2006
Top Definition
'Ripshit' is used as a verb, and to convey emotions of extreme anger. Once someone actually goes ripshit, however, they are usually past the capacity for speech.

When someone is really pounding the shit out of another dude, they can be said to have gone 'ripshit.'
"I'm going to go ripshit if (name) doesn't (pay me back/burn me that CD/stop sleeping with my girlfriend in my bed)

"Someone stole my weed from the gym locker. I'm so fucking ripshit."

by Michael Gagne May 16, 2006
the madest of mads. angry as hell. ridiculously pissed.
" I'm so rip shit right now"
by Lucy Fitzgerald Bullock October 12, 2006
Extremely angry or hostile
Needless to say, Mark was ripshit when he found out I had a foursome with his girlfriend, his mom and his sister.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
Major mad, totally just pissed off
Holy crap, her ex got her so rip-shit she nearly beat him to a pulp.
by ThunderWlf July 10, 2008
rip shit or to let gas slip between butt cheeks
aww man,rip shit! yeah i know you did, it reaks.
by jerry james June 03, 2007
When something is totally awesome.
"Dude! That concert was totally rip shit!!!"
by Stephanie Soquet March 07, 2006
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