Very very fat kid
I kicked Ripples in his nuts.
by Pete October 04, 2003
To rip a nipple off
Man, it was so painful when she rippled me!
by RandyHandsy1227 April 29, 2011
a single-motion rubbing on the back of another's neck, temporarily rippling the skin, as to penalize idiocy

/alternative to a dope slap.
Tom notices Jon's new Atlanta Braves cap.
Tom: "Hay, cool A's hat!"
Jon: "It's a Braves hat. You get ripples for that."
Tom: "Yowza!"
by J_Bow April 21, 2012
When a girl wears a tight shirt and has large breasts, the fabric between them ripples.
Check out the ripple on that chick
by postman Pat September 25, 2006
n. - the visual effect one sees while poundin a bitch from the back with each thrust, i.e. physical momentum of the booty similar to throwin a stone in a pond and getting a ripple or more.
*can be used as a verb
- also see Newton's 3rd law of motion
n. - Last night I was bangin your mom from the back so hard that her fat ass made ripples.

v. - Then, in the same bed, I fucked your sister so hard that her fine ass was ripplin too.
by lenny j November 14, 2005
A surprise due to a lack there of.
Man... My paycheck got a deep ripple in it.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
it means good or wicked
damn that film was ripple
by martin March 01, 2005

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