A ripper is a person who steals graphics and/or code off a persons website without permission, and then will post it on a different website, claiming it to be theirs. They are usually people with no actual graphics/codeing talent, but who want to be in with the 'cool crew'. Some especially idiotic one will post the materials ripped onto the original site. Also, some will modify the graphics and/or code by removing copyright tags and notices, to make it harder for them to be detected.
"Hey, he's ripping my stuff."

"That Johhny guy's a known ripper."
by PWND!! August 12, 2005
Top Definition
Originating in the Yay-area.. The Term rippers is a girl who sucks and get her vaginal walls ripped by any dude.. And in most cases she wears her beauty supply slippers(ripper slippers) and they run in packs.

also known as:Rip,Rip-nut,
Baby girl and her big sis a ripper blood... Me and the twins ran both of em
by Lil Ether(D.E.O.,CA)9900 November 11, 2004
A nasty female that lets anything wit a penis run up in her. Originally called a "runner" now also called a ripper. This word originated in Oakland, CA, USA and has now spread throughout the Bay Area.
She's a runner and a ripper......U guy's know the rest.
by The Sensei March 04, 2005
Abbreviated form of "strippers," usually in the form "the rippers."
Possibly an Ontarian Anglo-Canadian slang term.
Let's check out the rippers this weekend.
by JoeyRocker March 24, 2006
uh straight runner; a female who be runnin through all the niggas around.
" eh check that broad out"
" Naw blood don't fuck wit that. she a fuckin ripper"
by LiL Mike November 26, 2003
In Australia, a term generally describing what was or is expected to be a really good time
there's a party at the docks tonight- it's gonna be a ripper
by cult lord April 27, 2009
A generic name for a strip club. May be truncated form of "strippers".
Hey guys, let's go to the rippers tonight!
by RexGibson January 01, 2004
Of Boston Origin. A social function, also known as a party. Usually involves Kegs, but that is optional.
Did you see those two strippers and that midget at Mattus' ripper last night?
by TK November 12, 2004
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