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When a man fucks a virgin and rips her (she loses her virginity) and she calls him Rippa
Ex#1. Rippa was my first love and sex partner

Ex#2 Man my girl called me King Rippa last night after I slept with her
by MANofWISE June 02, 2011
Australian slang for excellent, great, top of the range, the best of the best,
We had a rippa time last night.
Our team won the game"you little rippa!"
I won ten buck on the GG's, you rippa
by MNFA March 06, 2012
a party usually takin place in the summer preferably at a beach house with lots of booze reefer and babes. the people at a rippa are usually surfers skimmers(not the flat land shit but gettin out and wrappin 3 foot waves) leather flip flops should be worn
Brohan this was the best day ever, overhead and glassy and then this sick rippa
by skimmer bra November 16, 2005
a social gathering of ya d00dz that involves lots of beeyahz and slutz
"I went to a seck rippa last night and got wicked drunkz and hooked up with mad slutz!!"
by me, obv. March 05, 2005