A Rabbit/Lion
One lonely day a friend was tripping and saw A rion roar viciously at him...
by (RY-AN) January 20, 2009
Top Definition
An amazing man who can make any girl's day just by his smile, and make any girl's undergarments dampen just by seeing his huge cock. Definitely a lovable and fuckable guy.
Rion is a QTPI and I love him.
by KatieVee October 10, 2010
She's a sexy ,funny and cool person.shes popular and everyone once to be around her.She like girls and all the girls like her back . And she really likes this girl benaja Hayes .They hope to have a long relationship before she moves away .Rion is loyal,faithful and honest.
Rion is an outstanding person meet her youll love her.
by Riri will 248 November 29, 2014
Pronounced "ree-on". Rion is a human being who's been genetically altered by Dorothy, a mad supercomputer that's trying to become a god. Rion's parents helped to create Dorothy, and left a special computer virus and its delivery system in his brain and in the brain of the hidden Lilia. Rion battles various foes as he searches for Lilia, then they attack Dorothy together.
'Galerians: Rion' is a movie on Amazon.com
Can someone buy me the 'Galerians: Rion' from Amazon, seriously?
by JasonQ May 11, 2006
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