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A goof, goofball, or goob
Rio, you are a goof.
by CaptainHamsteak May 30, 2013
0 6
A heavy menstrual period that requires numerous absorbent pads and tampons; a very heavy menstruation; menstruation
Woah, my rio was so bad, I needed a super plus tampon and an overnight pad!

Her time of the month is upon her so beware of rio!

Rio was like the Rio Grande!
by Clare Schmare September 11, 2011
11 20
A type of airhorn used to relay messages instantly.

Also a boys name.
I need to spread a rumour instantly, think ill use the Rio.
by larksmeistergeneral July 10, 2008
15 25
To be a Boss. To be Anabolic. Knows how to party and do work. Dominates at beerpong, flipcup, shotgunning, chugging, keg stands, and academics.
Dude last night was sick I partied like I was Rios. Only a Rios could pull that off. You wish you were Rios. What would Rios do?
by whoami?whoareyou?muthafucka February 04, 2010
107 121
Something or someone thats fucking stange or retarded. Repition can be used to add effect.
You rio, rio, rio, rio
by RIooooooooooo July 06, 2011
3 23
A boy who is a complete and total ass. Likes to get stoned, party, fight and ride motor bikes. Usually is a player, and will cheat on any girl and every girl. Also tends to be a huge source of drama. Often asks females for topless picture on his cell phone. He wont take “no” for an answer and tends to harass you. Rios are also usually compulsive liars and will tell you what ever he thinks you want to hear. A Rio may also be used to describe a guy who dated a girl until she cheated, then took her back and knocked her up.

Remember never trust a Rio.
"Dude I cheated on Sarah"

Boy:"Heyyy, can I get a pic ;]"
Girl:"No, sorry hun. I got a man"
Boy:"Come on i want one really baaaad. And im better"
Girl:"Your being such a Rio"
by Jay720 January 07, 2009
24 49
A Rio is commonly used when labelling someone or something that is mentally, but often physically, retarded, misshapen or delayed.
Oh look that guy walks funny... what a rio!
by MitchAaAaY September 22, 2008
25 52