Rio. How on earth do you begin to define a Rio? She's just perfect; amazing, kind, and caring. She's the most talented listener, always there when you need her, through thick and thin. She's been through some harsh times but tries not to let it get her down, although sometimes it's difficult. She's got ɑn amazing body, great hair & dazzling eyes, She's very insecure about herself and her looks, although she needn't be. Α Rio is very academic & enjoys sport, She has many friends and tends to hang around with boys too. Rio is not a girly girl on any level, she would much rather be playing soccer/football in the mud+grass than being stuck indoors doing her hair. Rio is amazing. If you ever get yourself a Rio.. Keep her and don't ever let her go.
Wow, I wish I was more like Rio..
by erm, Who are you? February 10, 2013
A contraction for the word Cheerio. The plural would be 'rios, meaning Cheerios. This contraction originated early in the summer of 2004, as several young men spent the evening eating Cheerios, passing a frisbee, and shooting potato cannons.
Yo, pass me some 'rios, please.
by Kurt Padilla July 12, 2004
A girl with the morals of a dude. Often dark-haired and very curvy. Most often brown eyes. Good relationship advice but not the best friend. Often VERY WHOREmonal. Never chooses the chick before the dick. Never keeps word. Acts innocent but very sexually active in her own way. Says abstinent but just as quickly, changes her mind. Doesn't change mind usually stubborn. Usually dates assholes. Lies impulsively. Pretty and very nice hair. In love with Asians and loves the instruments. Extremely smart.
Me- Hey I need someone to talk to. please help!

Rio- Cant. Sorry. I want to make out with my boyfriend :/
by Honey Bunches of WHAT?!?!!? December 19, 2012
Radar Intercept Officer (RIO)

US Navy term for back-seat weapons and targeting systems operator.
"Lieutenant Public will be your RIO from now on."
by Drake TigerClaw June 10, 2007
A red headed frizzy haired fuck. Huuuuuge bush, stinky feet, never shaves and smells like an obnoxious old lady. Pretends that she wears brand name clothes, when really they are stolen or fake. Never can get a guy on her own, or even with help from others. People think she is a nasty bitch and will not date her. Crazy drunk, loses friends constantly, and people often refer to her as a fugly bitch. All of her family and friends are prettier then she will ever be. Horrible personality, that nobody will ever want anything to do with. Probably the worst type of person that is out there. Beware of the rio.
Oh my god who is that fugly disgusting bitch trying to text me?
Thats just a rio.

Whos the ugly monster with those gorgeous girls?
Must be a rio.

Who dat dancing like a penguin?
Probably a rio.
by meg7777 March 17, 2014
A goof, goofball, or goob
Rio, you are a goof.
by CaptainHamsteak May 30, 2013
Rio. noun (ree-oh) 1. A fight in which one party is agressive and the other is pacifistic. 2. A fight that is mainly one sided.
Whoa! That was a total Rio, the other guy barely moved!
by Seraphim'sZephyr April 17, 2010

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