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The first High-School in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Otherwise known as the middle of nowhere. Rio Rancho High School is one of the most Ratchet Ass establishments to ever exist in the Galaxy. RRHS is located in the middle of fucking nowhere, and when I say the middle of nowhere, I mean the middle of nowhere. Half of the U.S. doesn't even know New Mexico is a state, then there's the fact that half the people in New Mexico don't even know that Rio Rancho is a city. The school's food is god awful, and frankly, is full of drugs and complete fucking idiots and complete swag fags. Bugs Bunny turned at Albuquerque for a reason.
Person 1: "Hey what school do you go to?"
Person 2: "Rio Rancho High School"
Person 1: "....."
Police: "So he just fell out of a 12 story window?"
Person 1: "Yeah, I guess."
by FlawlessBitch October 31, 2012
Rio rancho High School is the gayest school in the world. All the dumb fucks go there and they don't know anything. They can only whine and cry about fucking cleveland cause it's richer than them and all the kids are way better than them at everything including sports. RRHS is filled with drugs and sluts and whores. They have absolutely no live expect to rob cars in neighborhood across the street from the school and to smoke and pop pills all day! Little fucking ratchet bitches need to get a life.
Person 1: Your a pot head
Person 2: Duuude how'd you know?
Person 1: Cause you go to ratchet Rio Rancho High School fucking retard!
by Sexiness666 October 17, 2013
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