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School full of little mongo skaters, stupid myspace-whore girls; has the fucking most retarded school rules.
Mongo green diamond skater: Bye mom I'm gonna go get dressed coded by some douchebag riding in a golf cart at rio norte junior high school

Mom:Ok bye

*Mongo skater walks*

Fake annoying bitch girl: oh hey(yyyy) mongo kid *while she says this she is leaning over attempting to show cleavage with her flat ass chest, and holding her hands like shes doing the good morning stretch except they're pointed down, and when she finishes talking to the mongo kid whos probably wearing red pands, she raises her eyebrows and presses her lips together like a fucking alien.*
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an all around terrible school that has lots of fake bitches and kids who think they are 21 and act like it. you are not cool there unless you vape and yike and some stupid idiots think this stuff actually makes you cool. there are also lots of fuck boys who are talking to a different girl every week and never notice the people who actually like them. there a skater boys there who think they are frickin 25 and wear thrasher clothes and only post vids of them skating on their instagrams. oh i almost forgot the popular girls who are literally in 7th grade but for some reason 8th grade guys like them because they are sluts and will do anything to become popular. that's rio norte for you #worstschoolonearth
Morgan (texting a guy): i go to rio ;)
guy: Ooh forget it you are just one of those rio norte junior high school sluts
by girl who hates rio :) May 17, 2017
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