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Rio Mesa is a place of all different types of people. Located out in the boonies, a drive out to a Friday night football game can be a little spooky. Watch out for cholos as the place is crawling with them. Jocks, nerds, black people, sluts, partiers, gamers, you name it. Rio is not like other high schools though. It has more of a family atmosphere than most, and it seems as though everyone knows each other. As most of the student body population are Mexican burnouts who hangout in the halls, the white kids from this side of Camarillo have to stick together. One other thing to watch out for are the seagulls. Also, beware of loud whistling sounds, as these are just noise makers used to scare the birds away from the many surrounding strawberry fields around the perimeter of campus, not gunshots (as some Cam High fags might tell you they are). Overall Rio Mesa is a pretty spirited place. The student section, recently referred to as "The Legion", love to chant the names of the team's best and most popular players and these Spirited Spartans always make football games and basketball games a great time. Rio's most talented sports program other than the football team (not of recent years, but prior to the 2013 football season), is probably the track team, which is known state-wide for being fast as hell. Rio Mesa isn't all that bad and does have some good things to offer the world; other than Marijuana, criminals and Strawberries.
Rio Mesa High School
by T-Raww7 February 24, 2014
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