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Rinseur - noun/french translation
From the English 'Rinser', someone who 'rinses' or is involved in 'rinse'

A particularly hedonistic person, male or female, who participates in or acts in accordance to most or all of the following brilliant activities or lifestyles: rave, deep deep electro, getting sexual all the time, being ridiculous, rave, class As (this is not mandatory but is advised to better understand a rinseur's general mental state), being inappropriate, and getting involved. A rinseur will usually shun anything negative as they actively exhibit extremely positive vibes. When riled, they are likely to explode into sexual beasts. They are very clever people but often don't choose to speak in a day-to-day language. They usually hold infatuations for DJs and actively seek filthy, dirty raves.
e.g. "You employ so much rinse.. you are a rinseur"
e.g. 2 "I've been raving for 38 hours - I must be a rinseur"
by sj83 January 03, 2010

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