To be beaten at something in such a way that you are completely humilated by ur opponent.
can also be used as a substitute for 'drunk'
winner: i just rinsed u on tekken tag
looser: yes, but i am rinsed and cant see the TV
by Ritchie May 22, 2003
Top Definition
(1) To have lost a cuss battle without a comeback
(2) To have rinsed the dishes or forks
Dave:You Just Got Rinsed Mate!
Bob: :/ Hmmm...

Dave: Rinse my plate
Bob: :/ Hmmm...
by djthegodfather October 02, 2005
1. to use somthing fast untill it has ran out

2. to be cussed bad
1. man1: "got any drink left?"
man2: "no, I rinsed it"

2. "oww you got rinsed, HARD"
by De$per8 April 16, 2005
when someone has been thoroughly beaten at a certainsport or activity
arsenal got rinsed in the champions league final
by jake87 June 08, 2006
1.Overplayed. starts as a good song, then gets played so mercilessly by sad dj's (think westwood) trying to be cool that u become so sick of the song u never want to hear it again.

1b. Song featured on every r'n'b compilation for the next 5 years. take a look in your local record store and you'll see what i'm on about
Blu cantrell and Sean Paul: 'Breathe', Beyonce: 'Crazy in Love', Nelly: 'Hot in Herre', Dre's: 'California Love' etc etc
by me old fruity August 02, 2005
The act of being excessively drunk.
I was real rinsed last night after drinking straight whiskey.
by SMOKEU July 30, 2010
if you are rinsed, you have been "done", so to speak. You may alos have been fooled by someone. As heard on Soccer AM
Tom: what did you do last weekend?
Steve: Your mum!
Dan: whey, you have been rinsed Tom!!!
by Jono Bate March 26, 2007
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