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A Lithuanian last name, generally changed from Rinkovich. Means "strong leaders" and commonly brings strength and courage to those who are born with this name. A good name that turns out many good people.
"I wish I was as cool as Rinkus"
"Rinkus is such an awesome person"
by a_hat September 03, 2009
One who is uncharacteristically brilliant and uncommonly charismatic.
In a town full of plain janes Kiana was definitely a Rinku.
by uh ... rinku March 30, 2005
One whos favorite word is NO and loves to disagree, "negative"
The sky is blue, NO!!!
by Rejeni March 31, 2005
see stuckup
a person that talks a lot and cant live up to their own goals chumpette :D
thats crap you never got the BMW you said you were getting, dont Rinku me!!
by bob December 08, 2004