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A female that hangs around a MMA event in hopes to be the girl that gets to "go home" with a fighter.
"Good job on your title fight tonight"

"Thanks, time to find ring rat to help me celebrate"
by Soldier Mafia August 30, 2008
A female (not necessarily underage) who attends professional wrestling shows, and attempts to sleep with crew members to get to the wrestlers, or sometimes the wrestlers themselves. A groupie, in plainer terms.
Look at her, that damn ring rat.
by xTrishM January 11, 2006
A word used by professional wrestlers to describe underage groupie girls that hang outside the door that leads to the dressing room or locker room. When a pro wrestler comes out from the dressing room, they scream at a very high pitch. Ring rats will try to get the attention of a pro wrestler, seeing if they can get a date.
There is a whole bunch of ring rats hanging outside the locker room tonight.
by Paul Della Valle July 02, 2004