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Ring Damage, the result of LORD (see separate definition) activity on a trading portfolio. Ring Damage is normally experienced the following morning & is a resultant of bouts of late night (& usually unsuccessful) outright trading. Ring Damage can become severe if the LORD activity goes unchecked. This may lead to long term & sometimes irreversible damage to the Ring. Ring damage can be insured for however.
Oh no, he was long & wrong again, that was LORD. We will see the ring damage shortly on our reports.
by Craig Smyth March 08, 2005
When your wife trie to give you a handjob but her diamond ring is turned around backward on her finger and it scratches your dick.
I was no longer in the mood for a handjob after my wife inflicted some serious ring damage to my dick. But I got over it and came on her hair for revenge.
by Mr. Stockcar May 25, 2016
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