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A collective term for a group of hoes.
"Oh my God ... look at that Rine! What idiots"
by Miss Alanious September 24, 2007
34 14
Usualy used in natural selection, refered to maRINES.
The rines will not have any chance against three onos.
by Jeaj July 28, 2005
14 3
"Rine(s)" is a Pachuco or Caló (Chicano) derived word, that means rim(s) when defined in English.
Hey vato, look at those clean 24 inch rines on that ride.
by DJ Speedy 520 August 16, 2010
8 0
The collective term for a group of hoes.
Cath - What is with that rine of hoes??
Jane - Don't pretend you're not one of them, I saw you last night!
Cath - Dang.. busted..
by JimJam-Bonks October 23, 2007
13 12
some cheater nub who sucks on lan
rines sucks on lan
by anonymous July 16, 2003
6 10
Short for "Marine" in the popular RTS game, Starcraft.
"Do you really have to mass rines, Mr. Newbie?"
by Ryro August 23, 2004
20 34