Awesome girl who kicks ass
Has Own cereal
has action figure w/ pix
Can't spell
"Rin your awesome"
by Penelope December 11, 2003
1. Ninja Magic
2. Small black furry animal, particularly a black cat.
"mini skinny rinny"
by gia rin May 24, 2004
slang:noun: weed or marajuana
verb: to rin up, to build a spliff
use the rin to rin up the rin
by JOHN February 23, 2005
from Bretherin also "blidrin" an affectionate term used towards a friend
cheers rin - thank you
easy rin - hello
by boysie November 17, 2004
1. v RAN RINNING RINS, to run or melt
2. A chick in the H-game Runaway City who lost her virginity to an arcade.
by KingTT May 28, 2003
Rice Is Nice... A clan of multicultured CS players or rice eating bastards that need money
RIN is a bunch of BOFM
by onge May 15, 2004
A horny anime charicter that fucks her dog
"God callie, I told you not to type in 'Rin'"
by Kaytlin S. November 26, 2003
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