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One of the best vocaloid characters, she is a cute blonde and is almost always singing with her brother, Len Kagamine she is Uber cute, and like all vocaloids she has an item she usualy is seen with
she has 2 actually
1. Roddarolla (steam roller)
2. Len
she usualy physicaly abuses len, by killing or beating him somehow, ususaly when bored or pissed off.
Len Kagamine: Flaws? shes got many, she never stops talking, never seen her shut up once!
Rin kagamine:(shes behind him, heard him) (cries and runs away)
All other vocaloids: dude you screwed up
Len: (Attacks Kaito)
Miku and meiko : RUN!!!!

Len and kaito: What?

(Rin kagamine flattens them with her steam roller)
by DancingDruidStudio September 20, 2010
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