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Originally gaining fame in 2009 at UCLA, Rim Pum is the foundation of an entire dictionary of Rhyme Pums, Reign Pums, and Room Pums. This is a nonsense gibberish word which can help you with a multitude of things:

- singing along to your favorite John Williams tune; as well as a whole host of wordless theme songs such as the NBA on NBC, and Law and Order on TNT.

- acting as a substitute for any act involving alcoholic beverages. Rum pum refers to rum, while pum pum refers to a circular group chug of sorts (also known as a See-Saw).

- While in a state of intoxication, Rim Pum is commonly used to create inebriated nursery rhymes of sorts. The challenge requiring long, strung out phrases completely in Rim Pum form.

**The Rim Pum musical number is scheduled for release in Fall of 2011.**
1: "Hey guys, you ready for a pum pum?"

2: "Rim pum pim pum?"

3: "Rim pum scheeme lumn!"

1: "Rim pum pie!!"

4: "You guys are idiots."
by M. Damon July 09, 2011
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