She's sweet at times, but can be very stubborn. She's the friendliest person you'll ever meet. Unless she knows you very well, she will be very nice to you.
That girl is so sweet. Yeah she's a Riley.
by Jae :) April 13, 2016
A name for a highly advanced hacker. Only given to the best hackers in the world.
That Riley is such a good hacker!
by turketmofo69 October 30, 2015
A sexy brown haired kid, that looks like Justin Bieber at times.
Look at the similarities with Justin and Riley
by Mystery-Man.69 October 23, 2011
She can have her ups and downs but in the end she will be over it and be happy all over again. She is known to have a strong heart and beautiful soul, she can take a hit. She has very long brown hair and the most beautiful smile you will ever see. She's very nice and kind, she is not known to be mean, but she does have a side that no one wants to see. Riley is the most romantic girl in this world, when it comes to relationships, she knows how to handle things. She is very smart, and talented. If you find a Riley in your life, keep her and stay with her, she's worth fighting for. :)
Girl: That girl over there is really nice, and cool, whats her name?
Girl: That's Riley, she's the new student.
by maveywavey24 June 16, 2016
Riley is a basted on drugs on the run

a common last name is smith or willow or trails or brown
Lets kill riley
by ba ba dook June 13, 2016
Biggest bitch in the world, she is standing behind me right now and she is so oblivious that she didn't even realize it until she looks it up on urban dictionary.
Riley Great Job
by Hatke18 May 11, 2016
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