Slang for small penis and big head sometimes can be modey but a little loveable
Awe man im such a riley
by Codename4444 May 07, 2009
Riley- 1. Referring to a person that does not provide for themselves, lives off of others supplies, and offers no compensation for what they take. Also see, mooch, sponge, leech, vampire friend, cookie stealer

2. Referring to a person that cannot tell the truth about anything, lies about simple things, such as, where they are, who they are with, and lying. They have a tendency to blame others and make their freinds scapegoats

3. Referring to a person who has a "so called" straight life style (possibly even a baby) that displays overt homosexual tendencies, also tends to like Madonna
a riley will lie about lying, then have you lie about lying for them. They also will burn holes in your carpet, bum cigarretes, and never drive anywhere.
by Chirs G. April 17, 2008
A nihilistic high-school dropout whose ego over powers him to fuck every girl he sees. He is quite attractive which allows him to get his way and toy with many people’s minds, especially women. He is a wasted genius who wallows in his own self-pity, in which he drinks and smokes himself retarded every night. It is unsure if Riley is extravagantly on another level of thinking, living and just being or simply wasted genetics. All in all he is a truly fascinating human being.
I just dont understand Riley.
by Spartacus January 04, 2004
The epitome of ignorance; A term used to describe one who is psychopathic by nature and has an appearance similar to that of a deceased pheasant; Lacking common sense and/or sanity.
"Wow, did you see that Riley? Someone should call an MHI!"
"Eww honey, don't touch that Riley. You might get infected."
by Davisisthacoolesteverrrr January 28, 2009
usually someone who is a complete asshole and doesn't care about killing people's souls. aka gentials. keep this one away from your manhood, he's known to go in for a feel.
man that riley kid really is an asshole.
by j meist August 30, 2008
1. A person who acts in such a mannor as to make a fool of him/her self( As in the case of Pat Riley).
2. An action performed by an individual or group lacking in luster, hilarity, rhyme or reason, which may also be, stupid, idiotic, or sophomoric.

Aka: Rileyed, Rileys', Blasco
"Way to go riley!"

"Geez, you really rileyed that one."
by Dubs July 14, 2004
Another name for a Black & Mild, or flavored cigar.
Man, wanna cheef some rileys after school?
by Idiotic Genious August 28, 2002

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