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Riley is in the most amazing band ever, Before You Exit.
He's definitely a cutey and his voice is the most supercalifragilisticexpealidocious thing you will ever hear in your life!
Person 1: Hey I found this Script Mashup on youtube.com by a band called Before You Exit, go look it up. The dark haired singer is the hottest guy you will ever see, his voice makes angels jealous!

Person 2: No way! I've heard of them, Riley McDonough is hoooooottttt! (Connor McDonough is okay ;)
by yeahyouknowho March 31, 2011
1.A very hawt bassist/vocalist
2.John Mayer's bro
3.Someone with great hair
Evertime I type in awesome on my iphone, it auto corrects to Riley McDonough
by mysterioushorseman December 30, 2010