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Legend from Adelaide, Australia.
Extremely popular and all the fly bitches love him.
Yo Riksta, Yo Riksta
by Riksta December 02, 2004
Riksta is SUPERFLY!!
ALL the bitches be clammering all over his dick!
by Haggis April 16, 2005
this dude be crunk, drinkin and drunk 20 outta 24 hours of the day!!!

Keep representin Adelaide nigga!!!
Riksta, can't fuck wid him!
by Scrilla March 04, 2005
i would like 2 change my last statement. Ricksta like i said i neva kknow but i dont think he is a legened. if any thing he is a total loser and prob a fut EMO that listens 2 gay music. He is also a virgin as well.
Enuff Said No need to say any thing else about the Wanker. Ahh yea apart from the fact that he is a loser and sits on his fat arse all day LONG.

mEtHoD gUrL says that no 1 likes Riksta.
by mEtHoD gUrL. April 24, 2005
iono nun bout him buh da pplz say he crunk if u crunk papi den im wit cha plus u gave me propz so here go mine wun
riksta sound like a dood i cud get ta kno ya feel me
by mEtHoD gUrL April 21, 2005
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