hmm....rija is the king of the world. he is a penis head, actually. he's the master. he thinks he's an idiot, but he's not. he's the best ever, and we love him.
hey, is that rija over there, by the monkeys?
by Cassidie and Kristin August 04, 2004
Top Definition
Rija is another definition for hope. She'll give you much hope in your life. Especially when you're at your lowest, she'll make you smile and make it appear as if nothing ever happened. She can be fun and adventurous, always striving to make herself and others laugh. She has many amazing sides to her personality, you just have to be with her and they'll open to you. She is a kind hearted and morally strong person who many males are attached to and never want to loose in a trillion years.
"That girl there, she's my Rija."

"My Rija is the most precious in the world."
by cutecat_24 April 03, 2013
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