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A group of oil rig workers who work togeather. Usually seen at dance clubs and malls on their time off spending their money carelessly.
Hey Josh, did you see that group of rigtards at the bar last night, what a bunch of homos.
by Benny Boots March 04, 2006
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A person who tries to convince others that online poker is rigged without providing any evidence.
If you rigtards keep coming up with the same rubbish and offering no credible evidence then of course you are going to get mocked.
by jukofyork March 10, 2009
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A person who makes his living working on oil rigs and can often be characterized by redneck behavior, excessive drinking, and generally poor decision-making often fueled by his exorbitant salary and an inexplicable need to spend it.
I can't believe Ben dropped two grand at the strip club last night, he's such a rigtard.

Only a rigtard would drive an Audi to a cockfight.
by Mike Fenn November 05, 2007
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