An alternate word for Cigarettes.
Dude man toss me a riggs.
by Cacaboy August 26, 2003
Top Definition
A guy who is so fuckin good at sex, that he only needs three things, a condom, a nose plug, and earplugs. Mainly because he hates the stench of burning rubber and the sound of screaming bitches.
Holy shit, that guy is so Riggs!

Wow, that guy howns everyone, he is so Riggs, all the bitches want him.
by Brian H November 06, 2004
an attractive girl, often used by australian boys in their teen years
That blonde girl over there is a Rigg
by Matt Wauz January 19, 2007
1. Feeling no shame; impervious to disgrace.

2. Shameless in an otherwise shameful situation.
He was pantsed and wasn't wearing underwear, but due to the fact that he was Riggs he didn't give a shit.

by kellymncole March 23, 2008
Urban slang for Cigarettes
Riggs plz
by Fag January 04, 2004
A Riggs is a person who is funny, likeable, and easy to get along with. A Riggs is also competitive and protective at times. Riggses are also big into family and take it very seriously. A Riggs is awesome.
You: Who was that guy? He was awesome!
Someone else: I don't know, but he must have been a Riggs.
by qwerty87654 January 16, 2012
1.Someone who is good at everything they attempt.
2.Someone who has a very muscular build.
"Yeah that guy is fair rigg... He's been signed to the best team in the league"
by Danzo36 February 13, 2010
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