Red Nigga, a person of red/ginger/orange hair... used in the same context as calling someone a Wigga... White Nigger.
That bloke is a total rigga,
That Rigga got totally fucked up last night
by Barra September 05, 2006
Top Definition
Slang name for a fellow rower (crew mate) who takes part in rigging boats.
Rower 1: "Yo rigga, grab me some tools for this boat"
Rower 2: "Alright rigga, let me finish rigging this first."
by Deliveryboy6263 June 08, 2010
The most laziest form of species in the Marine Corps, consuming alchohol while packing parachutes, and taking long lunch breaks while hung over (usually lasting 3/4 of a work day)
Hey Rigga, Pass me that 40, we have to pack chutes all night tonight.
by Bid Sad March 15, 2010
A tobacco cigarette, slangily.
"Ay yo lemme get a rigga ma nigga."
by Blainey August 05, 2007
a big truck
Look at that rigga.
by Deion Sanders February 06, 2003
A russian, who wishes he were black, and lives it out in a russian way.

Usually spotted wearing track pants and shitty apparel, smoking cigarettes while Slav-Squatting.
"Ay you see those fools squattin', wearing abercrombie and smoking grass?"
"Yeah man... Them riggas always leaving seed shells all over town. Smfh..."
by Russiantankguy May 20, 2015
2 litres of beer purchased takeaway from certain areas of new zealand. it may come pre-packaged in a plastic bottle or in some places you can take you own bottle and fill it yourself using bar taps for a discount (cos you don't have to pay for the bottle).Riggas were the mainstay of students in the 80s and 90s but seem to be going out of fashion due to pretension and more credit being available.
Dude, I am going down to the bottle-o for riggas. Do you want one?


Bruce: my flat rigga would be better than speights.
John: Ah c'mon, Speights is better than vb.
Bruce: My flat rigga of harringtons is better than both.
by singmal January 11, 2006
A slang term for cigarette.
"Ay yo lemme get a rigga ma nigga."
by Terry Jordan July 18, 2007
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