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A person who is good at practically everything he tries. Is jacked, funny, and cooler than you.
Man i wish i could be like Rigel.
by coolycool December 07, 2009
An extremely pretty girl that, on ocasion, you will meet. She is sweet, caring, nice, and an all-round sweet heart. It can't go withought saying that any Rigel there is, is one of the best people you can have in your life. If you find one, you best keep her around, treat her right, and what not, because if you don't, you're going to regret it.
I was sweet on a Rigel when I was younger.
by thepropernoun April 13, 2015
Rigel is the closest star to us. Meaning twice as hot 40,000 times is bright, like the star. A guy or girl that superhot are supersmart…or starlike qualities. Sometimes pronounced Rïgel.
Johnny aced that test he's def Rigel in the class. Samantha is in Perfect 10 this week… Rigel , such a fucking Rigel.
by jockola August 13, 2015
A black girl's booty.
"Damn, she got a rigel!
by AtticusD January 16, 2008
to urinate
I better rigel before i go to the club meeting.
by g note October 06, 2009
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