is a game you play with a stick.
-- whats her name?
- rigby.
--- isnt that a game?
- no thats rugby.
-- oh, then whats rigby?
- a game you play with a stick.
-- awesome!
by Kayleigh RigHoe December 07, 2008
Top Definition
a man in possession of a foot-long schlong which may be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.
Word spread quickly around the college that Patrick had a rigby, however this proved to be unsubstantiated rumour.
by adolfkitler February 28, 2010
Mordecai's best friend on the tv show Regular Show.
He is funny, annoying, and very cute.
Boy:Did you see what happend with Rigby on the Regular Show Last Night?

Boy's Sister:You know I don't watch that crap.

Boy: You suck.
by thepsycosidekick September 10, 2012
The act of inserting part of your scrotum into your anus. Verb denoting said act.
Guy, the other day I was watching reruns of Married with Children and scratching my balls on the couch -- I decided to see how far my scrotum could stretch and ended up rigbying myself.
by dan7575 November 27, 2007
Usual associated with rugby and rock, this person is very good at new years Heave and listening to greenday and other such rocker porn they use the words awesome and dude excesivly.
person 1: Arghhh did you see (name) the other night?
Person 2: Haha, yeah dude he was a right Rigby
by Balamkadar January 02, 2011
someone named rigby is someone who isnt gay and never will be. they would never date a boy they only love sexy womans. im so alone
person a: im not gay
person b: haha nice, sounds like youre rigby
by rigby2 April 05, 2014
Coolest kid in America. He has lots of money from his parents and a place down back east and west and north and two more north and a few back east. He loves cars that have a seven digit $ price. Go's to the best school in the world. Super strong and cool brother too.
by Ollyduck January 15, 2010
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