Riga is the capital of beautiful Latvia , which is in Northern Europe.
-Where do beautiful Latvians live?
-In Riga!

-What is Riga?
-Riga is the most beautiful city in the world! It is in Latvia!
by Latviaisparadise May 13, 2009
Top Definition
Capital city of Latvia. Center of Riga is very beautiful. especially old part of Riga. A lot of tourists say that it is very similar to Paris. There are good pubs and clubs in Riga where you can chill and it's not expensive. In Riga are the most beautiful girls in Latvia and Europe. They aren't fat. They are blond mostly and speak good english. They are not too tall as sometimes people say.
Riga is the best place in EU.
by Kate007 March 17, 2007
Riga is the capital of Latvia, situated on the Baltic Sea coast on the mouth of the river Daugava.

Riga is the largest city in the Baltic states.

The Historic Centre of Riga has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the city is particularly notable for its beautiful and extensive Jugendstil architecture, which UNESCO considers to be unparalleled anywhere in the world.
-Is Riga beautiful?

-Yes, it is!
by Latviaisthebest May 18, 2009
Riga is Latvias Capital city.
Whats the capital city of Latvia?
by Kaspars Baldzens February 04, 2004
a shifty-eyed swindling Greek fuck who enjoys greek in the clink.
that "Rigas" is going to end up being someone's bitch.
by Troy Verner April 08, 2003
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