that sexy bitch everyone wants to fuck.
"You're not getting Riffin."
by Spike October 03, 2003
Top Definition
to complain,yell or get angry or overreact
"riffin she gotta be to work by eight" - B.I.G
by leira January 08, 2006
Вызывающее, провокационное, шумное поведение
Lord Finesse: "Little kids be riffin, the motherfuckers won't listen"
by Southsider Trece July 11, 2015
An insane person who luffs billeh and cone ^^
*points to riffin* o.o
by Turtle August 28, 2003
a.k.a, Riffin Rowell. Rockinest bitch ever to pick up a guitar. Bow down to the Riffin.
"Man, I wish I could be The Riffin One."
by Riffin October 03, 2003
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