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a.k.a, Riffin Rowell. Rockinest bitch ever to pick up a guitar. Bow down to the Riffin.
"Man, I wish I could be The Riffin One."
by Riffin October 03, 2003
5 37

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angry complain lose it over react yell
to complain,yell or get angry or overreact
"riffin she gotta be to work by eight" - B.I.G
by leira January 08, 2006
91 16
An insane person who luffs billeh and cone ^^
*points to riffin* o.o
by Turtle August 28, 2003
9 40
that sexy bitch everyone wants to fuck.
"You're not getting Riffin."
by Spike October 03, 2003
9 44