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just like ridiculous, but more intense
"Dude, you slept with your grandma's physical therapist? That's RIDONKULUS!"
by GryffindorPirate March 21, 2004
A new word voted on by the listeners of the Mike & Mike radio show to replace "filthy" in the baseball lexicon. Alternate spelling is Ridoculous
Brewers trying to get something going here in the top half of the 7th. Verlander sets. Here is the 0-2 to Steve. Ohhh, swung on and missed. He struck him out. Ohhh, a ridonkulus curveball. Unbelievable!
by Dopetastic HD June 14, 2007
an adj. meaning brutal, filthy, or sick
that river was ridonkulus. His two outer was ridonkulus. He made a ridonkulus call. What a ridonkulus pitch he threw
by watash legend June 14, 2007
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